Week 22

The penny has finally dropped, I get it.light bulbs going on in my head all over.i have to be honest,I haven’t stuck rigidly to some of the tasks. missed a few reads,sits,man in the mirror,getting into the alliance,etc but I’ve not felt so awake/aware in all my life.i feel totally responsible for everything that has happened in my past and what is going to happen with my life in the future.for the first time in years I feel I’m ready to step up and claim my place in my network marketing business.i reckon the bombardment of material hitting the subby even if i missed a few tasks was inevitable the clay would eventually come away.im finding I’m saying my affirmations with more passion and belief.my DMP still needs some working on,but that’s okay I’m sure with my renewed vigour that will soon become more clear.


Week 19

Really stating to understand the power of this unique course,drip feeding all these great affirmations into the subconscious  is altering my perception.being totally responsible for everything that happens in my life is empowering and liberating.ive been having lots of battles with my old blueprint this week but then I remember I can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive one,has helped me gain control back as I have that choice.

Week 17

One thing I’ve noticed in myself this week is that when life’s obstacles crop up,im straight focused on the solution just like og says “all my problems,discouragement,and heartaches are,in truth,great opportunities in disguise.For this weeks virtue I chose.pleasing personality,which I’m happy to say I’m pretty much surrounded by lovely kind people.

Week 16

Each week it’s as if my mind is feeling clearer and clearer and starting to feel more confident in myself.i believe it’s the whole process of the affirmations pounding away at subby.another great addition this week was the kindness virtue,waking up each morning thinking ways to go the extra mile,like bringing the bins back from the end of the driveways for a few of the neighbours,leaving fruit in the shopping trolley,sweeping snow of people’s cars etc,In turn I noticed plenty of kindness in return.

I watced the movie.Door to door,which I felt very uplifting and inspirational.it came in handy as my best buddy started a new job cold calling selling stationary and was a bit down after reels of Rejection.I’m positive he will get plenty from it and feel re energised after watching it.i noticed when we were chatting about how is week had gone in his new job,I was coming out with words that mark j uses like.”would it be OK?””and most people”appealing to there emotions rather than just out to flog them a bit of stationary. one of big als fraises “I’ve just found out”and “what interests you most saving money or service or both”I was so surprised how it just rolled of my tongue.after our conversation he told me I was wasted doing the job I do and would make a great life coach.which I took as I nice compliment.

Week 15

The excersise for this week is to look for self control in others and mark it down each day.the whole week all I managed to recognise was but a few,I did notice a lot of self control came from myself.hopefully this week KINDNESS will reveal itself everywhere.

Reading scroll 4 this week is really empowing me to realise my uniqueness in myself and that this me is good enough to do what I need to do to be successful in anything I choose to do.

Threw meditations his week,my thinking is that life is just a dream,and therein lies the key to freedom.if we are not constrained by solid physical world because it is but a dream,then how hard can it be to change the dream to something I desire?not hard maybe,with the guidence and principles of the MKMMA.

Week 14

A little of track this week as family friends visit and evenings out etc etc.missed a few sits and reading sessions but back on track now.im enjoying scroll 4 and the passage “I am natures greatest miracle”I think it’s a great reminder of how unique and special we all are.gives me a little lift each time I read this scroll.

I read this today and thought it fitting with what we are working to achieve with this class.

Expectation is a focus with a vibration that permits the receiving of what your focused upon-and you expect things both wanted and unwanted.

The body is false,and so are its fears,heaven and hell,freedom and bondage,it’s all an invention,what can they matter to me?i am awareness itself.

Week 13

The 7 laws of the mind have played out in parts this week.The law of forgiveness,an old foe of many years stuck his hand out and asked if we could bury our differences which I thought was cool.The law of substitution.im instantly catching any negative thought and turning it straight into a positive.law of relaxation.i really look forward to my sits as these calm my mind.

Writing out 3 index cards a day and jotting down who and what I’m grateful for is amazing,I’ve just got so much good and amazing people around me that I feel  so Blessed and loved.

MKS chapter 18 what we all Desire,what we are all seeking,is happiness and harmony,if we can be truly happy we shall have everything the world can give.writing down what you are grateful for helps to bring about this state of mind.